As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Youth of Jesus Homeland Scholarships Fund was setup by the Lain Patriarchate in Jerusalem to help relieve families – from all the Christian denominations – economically impacted by the pandemic.

In 2022 year, the scholarship fund has been able to help 170 university students pay their university fees. This year 2023, the Youth of Jesus Homeland Scholarship fund aims to help 60 more students who are starting their tertiary education.

Palestinian Christians in Australia is proud to be part of this program. Since we founded our organisation, we have been working closely with Father Bashar on this project. Father Bashar is the Genral Chaplain of Christian Youth in Palestine. He works closely with these students and their families to support them on their journey.

Message from Father Bashar


We have used the funds raised at our Inaugural Gala in November 2022 and sponsored 12 students in Palestine for the March 2023 semester.

We are inspired to support our students in Palestine. We are aiming to sponsor 12 more students for the September 2023 semester. Sponsorship is USD $500 (around AUD $750) per semester per student. We ask our generous community in Australia to sponsor a student in Palestine. Every dollar donated will go to the Scholarship fund.

Show our community in Palestine that we haven’t forgotten them. They are always in our prayers.

Application and payment below.

Sponsorship Form 2023

Tick the sponsorship type:(Required)
To sponsor a student the amount is $750 AUD
Price: $ 750.00

If you prefer to do a bank transfer here are our bank details:

Account name: Palestinian Christians in Australia

BSB # 082356

ACC # 766945606

PCiA Sponsorship Report

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