Palestinian Christians in Australia (PCIA) is providing financial support to pay for accommodation for families arriving from Gaza.

PCIA fundraising, together with donations from churches and private individuals, has allowed us to house and pay the rent for 7 families for 6 months duration.

We are expecting at least another 50 families to arrive in the coming months, and we need your help!

Help house displaced gazans

The Voice of Palestinian Christians

The Palestinian Christians in Australia organisation (PCiA) was formed to provide a home for the many proud Palestinian Christians spread across this vast land. PCiA aims to create an inclusive, democratic, non-denominational and credible platform that provides a voice of those Christians who are united in their belief and culture.

Our organisation is ecumenical, voluntary, not-for-profit and non-partisan.

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I am proud of my religion and nationality, I am proud to belong to my fatherland. I am a Palestinian, and I belong to this religious people who are fighting for the sake of their freedom and dignity to implement their dreams and national rights.

Theodosios Atallah Hanna, Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia

A Palestinian Christian must be prepared to witness to the faith by submitting to daily difficulties or even by sacrificing his or her life.

Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

We (Palestinian Christians) were here for centuries. We kept the holy places. We went through a lot of suffering so pilgrims can come here. Yet, ironically, when Western Christians come, they don’t know we exist.

Reverend Dr Salim Munayer, Bethlehem Bible College

The way of a peacemaker is difficult. It requires deep forgiveness risking the friendship of your enemies, and begging for peace on your knees and in the streets”

Elias Chacour, Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop, The Galilee.


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