To achieve our vision and objectives, we believe that we need to draw on the community’s talents and expertise. We can move mountains if given the opportunity and the right environment.

Through PCiA, we believe we can make this possible for all of us. We believe that a community’s success is dependent on the contributions made by all its members.

We are setting up the following Sub Committees:

Fund Raising Committee: If you have any experience raising funds in your local church or community, if you have experience in getting government grants for NFP organisations, we want to hear from you.

Advocacy Committee: If you have any journalistic experience, writing skills, and/or political knowledge and experience, we want to hear from you. If you have connections to local Australian churches to connect our community with, please share the information with us.

Truth Telling Committee: if you have experience in library management, videography, story telling skills, we want to hear from you. We welcome young people who want to build on this experience to come forward. Our organisation will give you a reference letter as you build your experience with us so you can use it for work or business opportunities.

Please complete the below form and tell us who you are and what skills you can bring to our organisation.

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