“Therefore, let’s keep on pursuing those things that bring peace and that lead to building up one another.”

Romans 14:19

Palestinian Christians in Australia (PCiA) members want to be heard by the wider Australian public and policy makers.

Your membership with PCiA:

* Gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard as a citizen with full equal rights. It means that politicians will be forced to listen and take our cause seriously

* Strengthens and provides legitimacy to our cause by allowing us to speak with one voice.

* Allows you to meet non Palestinian Australians and connect with people who are passionate about our cause. You are not alone.

* Allows you to stand in solidarity with your brothers and sisters in Palestine by supporting them through the charitable projects PCIA will be undertaking

* Allows you to connect with Palestinian Christians and Muslims whom you would not meet in social events and gatherings. You will widen your network and build more connections

* Allows you to access pilgrimage packages to visit the Holy Land through our trusted partners on the ground in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Ramallah

* Allows us to advocate for the Palestinian people and speak to Christian politicians who might not have heard about Palestinian Christians and the role we play in Palestinian society.

If you are a Palestinian Christian living in Australia you can sign-up as a voting member. If not, please join as an affiliate member.

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